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These Terms and Conditions of Use establish the rules and obligations for accessing and using all the functions of the parisclinics.com. We suggest and thank you for your careful reading, together with our Privacy Policy, as all our obligations and rules of conduct are explained in detail, as well as all the rules to which all users of our website must comply.

PARIS CLINICS is a brand and a concept owned and managed by the company Efficent Concept, Lda., with NIPC: 516,079,247, registered with the Lisbon CRC, with registered office at Largo Serpa Pinto nº 16, 2º C, 7080-083 Vendas Novas, Évora, which is the entity that operates this website and which, from now on, we will only designate as PARIS CLINICS.


  1. PARIS CLINICS makes all the Contents of the website (text, comments, messages, information, graphics, photographs, informative or opinion articles, illustrations, audio and video) available to you, on the condition that you fully accept, without any reservations, the present terms and conditions of use (“Conditions”).
  2. The Content and pages available on the website belong to, are licensed or operated in an authorized manner by PARIS CLINICS.

  3. PARIS CLINICS reserves the right to change, add or delete, in whole or in part, these Conditions and also to establish new conditions of use, at any time. Such changes or additions to the Conditions will take effect only after their publication on the website.

You can at any time read the updated version of the Conditions by clicking on “Terms and Conditions”.

  1. You may use the Content displayed or disclosed on the website, for exclusively personal purposes, through the Internet, under the other terms contained in these conditions.
  2. Any modification, copying, distribution, transmission, publication, licensing or creation of contents or works that are based on or that integrate the Contents is strictly prohibited.
  3. PARIS CLINICS may, at any time and for its sole convenience, change, suspend or discontinue any Content made available, without the need for prior notice and without any obligation to indemnify the user or third parties.
  4. If you want to make a link to the site, it must be made to the homepage of PARIS CLINICS and always with our authorization. Any attempt to change or upload information, or any other actions that may cause damage and jeopardize the integrity of the website and its contents, are strictly prohibited and may be punished under current legislation.
  1. As a condition of the use allowed in these Conditions, the User is bound by the following rules of conduct:

    a) Fully respect the rights of PARIS CLINICS and third parties.

    b) Do not undermine anyone’s honor and good name, refraining from recording unfair, offensive and inappropriate content comments, respecting good customs and all legal provisions in force, making correct and adequate use of the site;

    c) Not attack the integrity of the website, nor use modified forms of the software, namely with the aim of obtaining unauthorized access to the Contents or any reserved content.

  1. All industrial, intellectual property rights and copyright and related rights on the Content on the site belong or are licensed to PARIS CLINICS, the User refraining from respecting said rights in any form whatsoever, PARIS CLINICS reserving the right to act legally against any threat to them.
  1. PARIS CLINICS undertakes to safeguard the User’s privacy.

    Please read our privacy policy by clicking here (“Privacy Policy”).

  1. The information on this website is intended for the dissemination of goods and services marketed by PARIS CLINICS. Despite our efforts to update the Content and correct any errors detected, we assume no responsibility for not verifying an intended result or for damage, material or personal damage that may arise directly or indirectly from access to this site and/or use of the information contained therein.

  2. We recommend that you do not form your contractual wish regarding the treatments and services presented on the website, without first seeking to clarify all the relevant aspects with the professionals of our clinic, who will always be available for this purpose.

  3. Therefore, consulting this site does not dispense with direct contact with PARIS CLINICS professionals to confirm the content, nature and specificity of treatments, equipment and techniques disclosed, whose results must be previously evaluated in each personal and concrete case and which can vary, depending on the specific physical and psychological conditions of each person.

  4. The verification of the concrete results of treatments and techniques disclosed on our website varies from person to person and depends on numerous specific individual factors, whose generic and priorenumeration would be impossible or incompatible with the generic information scope of the website. Always consult our professionals.

  5. The images published on our website are for advertising purposes and, as such, may not correspond to a concretely verified or verifiable result following a treatment or applied technique. Always consult our professionals.

PARIS CLINICS will not be liable to the User:

a) for any damages suffered by the User and/or third parties resulting from the use or inability to use the Contents or the site, due to delays, interruptions, errors and suspensions of communications and loss of information as a result thereof, which are caused by factors beyond its control and are not attributable to it, in particular any deficiencies or failures caused by the communications network or communications services provided by third parties, by the computer system, modems, connection software or possible computer viruses or resulting from the downloading of files which are infected or contain viruses or other properties which may affect the User’s terminal equipment, namely when the User does not install the appropriate software to protect access, as well as in situations of unpredictable overload of the computer systems.

b) for any damages suffered by the User and/or third parties that may arise from technical failures in capturing, viewing or using that are not attributable to PARIS CLINICS or which are due to outdated Content;

c) for any damage suffered by the User and/or third parties that may arise from any unauthorized use of PARIS CLINICS servers and/or information and data housed there.

d) for the correctness, timeliness or veracity of the information contained in the Content;

e) for any errors, deficiencies or inaccuracies of the Content and for any damages that any errors, deficiencies or inaccuracies of the Content may cause the User.

f) for failure to verify an intended or expected result by the User as a result of browsing and browsing our website.

  1. Without prejudice to other forms of communication provided for in these conditions, all notifications made to the User for the execution of the contract entered into with PARIS CLINICS, including any amendments thereto, will be made to the email address designated for this purpose. indicated by the User in the Register or in the express consent that he gives for the use of his data for each contract he enters into. If the User wishes to contact PARIS CLINICS, he may do so, at any time, through any of the contacts provided in the last point of these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Notifications will be considered made on the business day immediately following the sending of the notification to the email address indicated by the User in the Register.
  3. The User who has chosen to register must notify PARIS CLINICS of any change to their data. Failure to comply with this obligation renders any change of address ineffective against PARIS CLINICS, considering that all notifications have been carried out under the terms set out in 8.2.
  1. PARIS CLINICS may terminate these Terms and Conditions and terminate the User’s access registration, and may immediately remove any comment from the User in the event of non-compliance or violation of these Terms and Conditions.

  2. The termination of these Terms and Conditions and the User’s access registration takes place 5 days after the communication from PARIS CLINICS to the User’s e-mail address, without prejudice to the right to immediately remove any comment by the User that violates the law or any one of the obligations assumed by the User under these conditions. In this case, the User must immediately cease any and all use of the website.

  1. If any of the provisions of these conditions is declared null, ineffective, or becomes null and void, this will not affect the validity or effectiveness of the remaining clauses, which will remain fully in force.

  2. All terms and conditions of use of the website, as explained in this section, also apply as Terms and Conditions for the Online Sale of Goods or Services, complementing the specific provisions of Section II below.

  3. All matters regulated by these conditions are subject to Portuguese law.

  4. In case of dispute, in the interpretation or application of these conditions, as well as in the interpretation and execution of contracts entered into through the website, the jurisdiction of the district of Lisbon is competent, expressly waiving any other.


E-mail: geral@parisclinics.com

Telephone +351 211 605 264

Rua Mouzinho da Silveira nº 27-B, 1250-066 Lisbon



These Online Sales Terms and Conditions establish the rules and obligations for accessing and using all the functions of the parisclincis.com website. We suggest and thank you for your careful reading, together with our Privacy Policy, as all our obligations and rules of conduct are explained in detail, as well as all the rules to which all users of our website must comply.

  1. Contracts for the purchase and sale of goods and services are entered into through the website electronically, in Portuguese, under the terms and under the provisions of applicable legislation and, in particular, in Decree No. 24/2014 of February 14, in wording given to it by Law nº 47/2014 of 28 July.
  2. PARIS CLINICS will keep the Customer’s order number, email and mobile phone which, for the purpose of entering into each contract, will be expressly and specifically provided by the Customer, for the period necessary after placing the order, for the exclusive purposes of managing any request relating to the execution of such contract, after which period such data will be deleted, unless otherwise authorized. The customer may, at any time during that period and at no cost, exercise their rights of access, rectification, limitation or opposition to the processing, portability and elimination of their personal data, which can be exercised through the following email address geral@parisclinics See our Privacy Policy here.
  1. The supplier’s identification and respective address are those contained in Section I above or those expressly indicated with the products and services advertised on the website.

  2. The supplier’s identification and respective address are those contained in Section I above or those expressly indicated with the products and services advertised on the website.

  3. All prices quoted are PVP and include VAT at the legal rate in force, unless otherwise indicated.

  4. All invoices will be electronically issued, processed in accordance with the data provided by the customer and sent by email.

  5. geral@parisclinics.com. See our Privacy Policy here.
  1. Any customer errors in placing your order can only be corrected if it has not yet been confirmed, by sending an email to geral@parisclinics.com. The requested correction will only be considered validly requested after written confirmation from PARIS CLINICS of its receipt. See here our Privacy Policy.
  1. The delivery of orders is subject to payment by the customer of shipping costs that are in force at the time of the order, as indicated on the website at each time.

  2. Shipping prices include VAT at the applicable statutory rate.

  1. Depending on the type of product / service / content ordered, the following means of payment will be made available: Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard or MBNET), MBWay and ATM, which the customer will choose and indicate freely, authorizing their use to complete the contract and payment for the goods or services purchased.
  1. The cancellation of orders and contracted services will only be accepted until the order is dispatched by PARIS CLINICS and before the service has been provided.
  2. When the right of free termination has been exercised by the customer in accordance with the above, PARIS CLINICS will reimburse the amounts paid by the customer by the means it deems most appropriate. If PARIS CLINICS makes the refund by bank transfer, the customer must, for this purpose, indicate their NIB (Bank Identification Number) to PARIS CLINICS.
  1. Contract offers or proposals made available by PARIS CLINICS are valid until confirmation of the order by PARIS CLINICS.

  2. If the customer chooses the Multibanco payment method, the offer or contractual proposal will be valid until the moment of payment. Depending on the payment method chosen, it will have a time validity, indicated at the time of ordering, if payment is not made within that period, the stock reservation, schedule and order placement, as the case may be, will be released.

  1. PARIS CLINICS informs you of the existence of an extrajudicial mechanism for resolving disputes relating to contractual obligations arising from purchase and sale contracts or online services, which consumers residing in the European Union can resort to, if desired, to resolve disputes that may arise from purchases made to merchants established in the European Union. By clicking on the linkhttps://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main you will be directed to the referred platform and will have access to information from the national entities of alternative dispute resolution.
  2. Even so, in compliance with the provisions of article 18 of Law No. 144/2015, PARIS CLINICS makes known the list of national entities for alternative dispute resolution (RAL entities) available. PARIS CLINICS further informs that it is not a member of any of these RAL entities.

List of RAL entities:

CNIACC – National Center for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts(www.arbitragemdeconsumo.org)

Lisbon Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center (www.centroarbitragemlisboa.pt)

Porto Consumer Disputes Arbitration Center (www.cicap.pt)

CNIACC – National Center for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Disputes (www.arbitragemdeconsumo.org)

Algarve Information, Mediation and Arbitration Center (www.consumidoronline.pt)

Vale do Ave Information and Arbitration Center (www.triave.pt)

Cávado Valley Information and Arbitration Center (www.ciab.pt)

Madeira Consumption Conflict Arbitration Center (www.srrh.gov-madeira.pt)


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