Sports Functional Nutrition Consultations


João Silva Martins


Specialized in Surgical-Functional Nutrition


The appointments for Functional Nutrition for Sportsmen are indicated for both competitive athletes and amateurs (performance improvement), weight and/or localized fat control and pre and post training nutritional preparation.

A sportsperson who works daily to build a strong, healthy body knows that, in addition to physical exercise, good nutrition is an essential factor for success. The Sports Functional Nutrition Consultations help you design a personalized nutritional plan that supports your pre- and post-workout nutritional needs, restoring your body’s nutritional levels so you can achieve performances and results more effectively.

A sports nutrition consultation allows you to obtain an appropriate food plan, defining when and what you should eat, based on your personal goal, the type of sport, and the frequency and duration of training.

Monitoring by a nutritionist also plays an important role in demystifying or simplifying some information that nowadays circulates easily in media such as the internet.

In addition to helping to strengthen your body, the Sports Nutrition Consultations also provide a pleasurable diet.


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