Pre and Post-Operative Nutrition (Plastic Surgery)


João Silva Martins


Specialized in Surgical-Functional Nutrition


Any surgery generates trauma that can cause a loss of nutrients, damage to the immune system and problems with healing and/or recovery. 

The preoperative nutrition consultation aims to identify and treat nutrient deficiencies and improve health status with a view to reducing surgical risk and promoting adequate recovery. Dietary re-education is also important so that the result of the surgery is not compromised with subsequent excessive weight gain.

In the postoperative period, follow-up guarantees the adequate consumption of foods that contribute to alleviate the inflammatory process (vitamins K, A, C), pain (turmeric, ginger, etc.), edema, loss of lean mass (amino acids, collagen, iron), insulin resistance (low glycemic index diet, omega-3) and facilitate healing (vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, iron, B complex, vitamins AC and E, calcium, manganese).