Functional Nutrition Sleep Quality


João Silva Martins


Specialized in Surgical-Functional Nutrition


Sleep plays a fundamental restorative role in our body. It strengthens the immune system, improves the memorization and learning process, regulates the levels of ghrelin and leptin, with ghrelin being the “hunger hormone” and leptin the satiety hormone, thus contributing to a lower risk of obesity and diabetes as well. like other types of chronic illnesses.

During sleep, our body produces numerous hormones that influence the digestive process, hunger and satiety. If we reduce the sleep period, there is a decrease in leptin, then a decrease in the anorectic, which causes an increase in ghrelin and stimulates hunger even more. For this reason, to keep your hormones balanced you need a healthy diet and, in addition, a good night’s sleep!

Some foods help to activate the “happiness hormone” and help us sleep better. Having an eating routine helps to:

  • improve sleep quality;

  • avoid obesity;

  • reduce dysfunctional hormone levels

  • increase the disposition of the body.

“Adequate diet can improve the quality of sleep, making people wake up feeling better, with more energy, in a better mood. On the other hand, a heavy, inappropriate diet can cause insomnia, feeling of a heavy stomach, snoring and apnea, in addition to indisposition”.


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