Fibrosis in the Postoperative of Plastic Surgery

Pollyana Campos

Dermatofunctional Therapist


Fibrosis is the most common complication in the postoperative period of plastic surgery (specifically after liposuction) and one of the main causes of dissatisfaction with the surgical result. Furthermore, it restricts the patient’s movements and causes pain.

The presence of fibrosis is expected and signals that the patient’s body is fully functioning. In order for it not to cause inconvenience to the patient in the postoperative period, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view, this repair process (healing) must be carried out by the physiotherapist so that everything takes place in the most “natural and organized” way possible. Thus, the desired aesthetic result will be achieved and functionality will not be compromised.

All fibrosis has treatment, regardless of the time it is found. To be successful with the treatment, the professional needs to carefully assess each case, choosing resources that enable the treatment to be successful.

Our team has the best therapy for both the prevention and treatment of old fibrosis.