Cervical Facial Lift

Prof. Dr. Olivas Menayo

Olivas Menayo

Prof. Dr.

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist


The cervico-facial lifting is a surgical procedure that allows for a global rejuvenation of the face and neck in a natural and harmonious way, with stable and lasting results.

In this surgery, the deep structures (fat and muscle) are repositioned and the excess skin is removed, obtaining natural results, without the stigma of surgery.

The incisions are placed in skin folds (around the ear) allowing for the camouflage of the scars, which after a few months become unnoticeable.

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia under sedation, allowing a quick recovery, with a return to work activity in about 10 to 15 days.

It is possible to combine this procedure with other surgeries (such as blepharoplasty, liposculpture of the submentum or lipofilling) or procedures (peeling, fillings, PRP) that allow us to obtain optimal results.

Approximate Duration



local anesthesia with sedation

Recovery Setting

in an outpatient or overnight stay


10 to 15 days

MYTH – Scars are very visible.

The surgery scars are located in front of the ear, close to the pre-auricular fold or behind the ear in the temple region (hair area), and are therefore practically imperceptible.

MYTH – Dressings are used after surgery.

Recovery does not involve the use of dressings, however, it is recommended to use an elastic compression mask for three days after surgery.

MYTH – I can’t shower or wash my hair the next day.

You can resume your normal, unaltered life the day after surgery.